Undergraduate Certificate in Progress Part of GIT’s vision is to provide accredited education to Christians. This is to enhance their spiritual calling and become better equipped for their ministry. Last July we called for a meeting to discuss this situation. The pastors and leaders present agreed that what Malta needs is Christian appropriately trained in Christian Counseling. Consequently, the undergraduate certificate the “Christian Counseling” was suggested as the new program, that GIT should provide as a class to all churches. It is estimated that this program will take up to two and half years to complete if the student will be willing to dedicate each Monday to attend a class on the different subjects relating to the certificate. Course Information Lessons o Courses has an average of 13 lessons each divided into 4 units o Time average to study each lesson is 3 hours a week work at home, and 2 hours of classroom attendance o Each lesson has a self test o Each unit has Unit Progress Test Exam and Final Grade o Each course will have a  final exam written project student learning requirement Costs Average Each course will cost average €100. This consists of: Study guide and Student Packet Exam (3 credit hours) Tuition Please contact us for more information.
Christian Counseling Undergraduate Certificate Every Monday Venue: Knisja Evangelika Battista, Mosta Time:19:30-21:00
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Knisja Evangelika Batista Malta
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UNDERGRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN CHRISTIAN COUNSELING    COURSE NAME   CREDIT VALUE   PSY1023 Introduction  to Psychology   3   Credits   MIN2022 Christian Counseling                     2 Credits   MIN1093 Intro to Pastoral Counseling   3 Credits                   3 Credits                                                 3 Credits   MIN2063 Marriage Counseling:           3 Credits   A Cross-Cultural Approach                                                        SOC2013 Introduction to Sociology MIN2013 Human Relations
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